Blacks in America have not been left behind under President Donald Trump as the Black poverty rate hit record lows

Under President Trump, the poverty rate for Blacks hit record lows while the net wealth held by the bottom half of households has grown by 47 percent -- more than three times the rate of rate increase for the top one percent of households.

Additionally, when President Trump doubled the Child Tax Credit, he saved nearly 40 million families an average of $2,200. And during the President’s tenure, real GDP growth consistently beat the Congressional Budget’s Office (CBO) projection, even while facing the pandemic. BEST (Black Economic Security Trust Fund) unequivocally endorses President Donald J. Trump for President because his economic policies have demonstrated his economic actions are the key to helping America build Black generational wealth.

Based on Trump’s track record and achievements, we believe Trump’s continued leadership will allow America to rebound stronger and be more stable. Blacks in America have not been left behind, unlike in past administrations, and Trump is poised to continue to deliver on his achievements for all Americans.

For the purposes of safety, security and economic stability, we cannot endorse Joe Biden. Unlike Trump, Biden’s platform promises doom and gloom and economic decapitation.

Under a Biden Administration, the lives of Blacks in America will return to one of economic instability, uncertainty and despair. Besides warning that “you ain’t Black” if you vote for President Trump, what has Biden achieved? As Vice President in the Obama Administration, and his lifetime as a Senator, Biden has no record of success. In fact, his tenure is littered with failures too numerous to list here.

As the Democratic Party’s nominee for President, Biden is a member of a Party who promised to break the chains of economic enslavement in America but has simply not delivered on that promise. Instead, Biden and Democrats have increased spending on welfare and other programs that have trapped Black America into a vicious cycle of poverty. The result is hopelessness and despair for generations to come.

For these reasons, we unequivocally endorse President Donald J. Trump for reelection as he fights for America's soul.



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