We know what kleptocracy looks like and Trump is right to veto COVID relief

Naturalized Americans from African and Caribbean nations shocked by brazen display of cronyism in the US Congress

In a brazen daylight theft, Members of Congress passed a COVID relief package yesterday that has barely anything recognizable about COVID relief. On top of the theft, elected officials who voted on the package tried to buy off Americans with only six hundred dollars.

As Americans who are from African and Caribbean nations, we know what corruption looks like. We encourage President Trump to veto the crony-laden COVID relief package, as he has promised to do, unless significant changes are made.

"I know first-hand how government elites take from the public coffers and hand out the funds like party favors. This is what this relief aid accomplishes and the way they passed this 5,593-page bill to spend $2.3 trillion without reading it has no place in a free and transparent nation," said Sir Knight Alex-St. James, who is the chairman of the Institute of Americans from African and Caribbean Nations

Among the wasteful spending, the legislation adds two National Mall museums -- one for Hispanics and the other for women, $10 million for "gender programs" in Pakistan, and $2.5 million for "internet freedom."

Members of Congress cunningly lined their pockets after promising hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on foreign aid, which historically never reaches the countries where it's promised. Instead, Americans do not know that US foreign aid is spent on special interests in the US and only the products are shipped abroad. The elected official who spent American taxpayer dollars typically receives a payment from the lobbyists in return of the favor. This is how cronyism works in third-world nations, too.

The Executive Director of the Institute of Americans from African and Caribbean Nations, Olusimisola Akinwande, echoed Mr. St. James' sentiments when she tweeted: "Native-African Americans of Nigerian descent make up the largest professionals and most educated Blacks in America today are pissed off and wondering how did the Parliament from Nigeria school the US Congress on wanton corruption? The same thing that Congress is always preaching against overseas?"

What was passed in the legislation should be stripped and voted separately. Americans deserve COVID relief that isn't plundered by special interests.

The plunder was bipartisan with only six Republican Senators voting against the package, including Sens. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rick Scott of Florida, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ted Cruz of Texas.

While Americans who are from African and Caribbean nations struggle -- with many in the healthcare fields and in frontline small businesses -- elected officials have increased their future tax burden to pay an enormous debt. This theft steals from us today and in the future.

We call on Americans to back President Trump and support a veto of this legislation.



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As someone on the board of a think-tank that focuses on freedom as naturalized citizens and descendents from African and Caribbean nations, I know what third-world corruption looks like.


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