Daily Blast - January 18, 2021


Liberals are trying to convince Americans that the Republican Party is gutted after President Trump's loss. But Matt Whitlock reminds them that Republicans have:

1. A 6-3 Supreme Court
2. 50 Senate seats
3. A narrow House minority that will likely be a majority in 2 years
4. A majority of state legislatures  
5. A majority of Governors mansions 

"But yes, otherwise gutted."


Alan Dershowitz calls for Julian Assange to be pardoned on Maria Bartiloromo's show. Dershowitz joins politicians from both sides of the aisle to call for his pardon: Sarah Palin, Alan Dershowitz, Matt Gaetz, Pamela Anderson, Jeremy Corbyn, Brian Eno, Noam Chomsky. Jack Pobosiec said today, though, that a WH official said not to hope for his pardon.

Election Fraud 2020

Michigan GOP pushes to replace member who voted to certify election results.

Ryan Lizza with the Biden campaign told her team on election day that Biden would lose Georgia and Pennsylvania: "A well-placed Georgia Democrat tells me Biden's chances there have faded: 'It will take a Hail mary of voting miracles. Turnout on Election Day didn't have themomentum/density we'd expected.'"

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a highway in Seattle:

Vernon Jones, who just switched to the Republican Party, comments on the censorship of conservatives: "They ban conservative ideas because they’re scared of conservative ideas."

Biden Agenda: America Last is Back!

Joe Biden to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on day one.

Someone stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop during the Capitol incursion. The FBI believes the suspect wanted to sell it to Russia:

Washington Post and MSNBC personalities discuss how to "deprogram" Trump supporters:


Nancy Pelosi praises National Guard presence in DC after denouncing it during BLM riots last year.



Authoritarianism: The Deep State Strikes Back

As someone on the board of a think-tank that focuses on freedom as naturalized citizens and descendents from African and Caribbean nations, I know what third-world corruption looks like.


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