Daily Blast - January 25, 2021

Election Fraud

Republican legislators plan much-needed election reform. Democrats are already complaining that it limits "access" to voting.

Dominion sues Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over claims their voting machines defrauded the American people.

Brandon Straka, founder of the 'Walk Away' movement, charged in US Capitol breach (

Wisconsin begins major election reform


Biden Administration rescinds Trump's order to keep China out of America's power grid.

China expands:

Impeachment Scandal

Chuck Schumer says impeachment is the way the nation can heal.

Media Hypocrisy


Biden Press Secretary confronted over travel ban hypocrisy

Climate Fraud

Ted Cruz: "From blocking the Keystone Pipeline to appeasing radical climate apologists, President Biden is choosing to stand against America’s energy producers and the thousands of blue-collar jobs dependent upon a thriving energy sector."

Manager of Keystone Pipeline speaks about job losses

Illegal Immigration

ICE sends internal memo to officers, tells them to release all illegal immigrants in holding.

Minimum Wage

Mandating minimum wage laws might be a winner for progressive politicians and ivory tower economists, but it's a loser for those who have to live with the consequences: lower-skilled workers and young people looking for their first jobs.



Authoritarianism: The Deep State Strikes Back

As someone on the board of a think-tank that focuses on freedom as naturalized citizens and descendents from African and Caribbean nations, I know what third-world corruption looks like.


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